Bud Neal

Bud Neal, an Arizona native, has been in the Arizona electrical representative business for over 45 years. Over that time he started and successfully sold two electrical sales agencies – AZ Sun Sales to Bob Paris and Neal Sales to Kenny Miller who built Neal – Miller Sales, now Miller Sales. Bud continued Neal Sales, Inc. after his last sale to Miller. Neal Sales specializes in Med-Voltage Apparatus and has the unique capability to package projects taking unit responsibility. Neal Sales has participated in some of the largest electrical packages in Arizona. At the Palo Verde Nuclear Generation Station, Neal Sales provided: substation steel, strut and hangers sold to Bechtel. Neal Sales also participated in the Central Arizona Project supplying all 5 pump stations with power transformers, switch gear, bus, cable tray and supports. Neal Sales has also completed numerous smaller projects including substation and med-voltage gear for Data Centers, the last 5 med-voltage gear additions to SRP Generation Stations. Neal Sales is the authorized Cargill Distributor of FR 3 bulk fluid. Bud has formed several alliance with contractors licensed to do retro-fills and transformer maintenance  to service med-voltage and large power transformers as well as general substation maintenance.

Bud is an honor graduate from the University Of Arizona College of Business with a major in Economics. He also was a guest executive speaker at the Arizona State University College of Business on market strategies. Bud has served on the board of directors of the Phoenix University Club, the White Mountain Summer Homes Home Owner’s Association, several club committees, founding member of Profit a Phoenix business breakfast club who shared business leads, past President of Rotary East, delegate to Brigham England International Rotary convention and Paul Harris fellow. Bud has also served on rep councils with Midland Ross, Daniel Woodhead, and T & R Electric. Bud is also a member of the Phoenix Thunderbirds and was past Medicine Man and a long time member of the Million Dollar Sales Club. The Thunderbirds support numerous Valley charities with their yearly and well known fundraising event, the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

Neal Sales also supports Helping Hands and other local charities.

Bud and his wife Claudia have one child, Abby. Abby is a licensed attorney and counsel for Neal Sales. Bud enjoys spending time with family, friends, and two Scotties, and enjoys golfing. Bud and Claudia enjoy speeding time with family and friends & their two Scotties.  They also enjoy their summer cabin in Pinetop affording Rim hikes and golfing with his pals.  They also enjoy being a house divided with Bud a graduate of U of A and Claudia a graduate of ASU. Go Cats and  Go Devils!

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