T & R Electric Remanufactured and Reconditioned Transformers

General Details

Neal Sales works with T & R Electric to deliver products to meet your critical needs.

Lead times for remanufactured and reconditioned transformers are generally much shorter than newly manufactured transformers so we can provide timely solutions to solve your transformer issues.  We work with T & R Electric to best meet your need for Power and Distribution Transformers.

T & R Transformers will ship with freight allowed provided their delivery schedule will meet your demands.

All T & R Transformers include a (3) year warranty.

Technical Info
  • T & R specializes in Copper Rewind and Reconditioned Transformers.
  • T & R transformers are available in Station, Pad Mount transformers thru 7500 kVA, and Pole Mount units through 500 kVA.
  • T & R offers Oil filled and Dry Type Transformers.
  • All units undergo standard testing to insure they comply with current ANSI standards.
  • T & R Transformers come with an extended warranty that exceeds industry standards.
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