Niagara New Power Transformers

General Details

One of the most advanced and reliable type of transformer on the market is the liquid filled transformer. With great efficiency, a liquid filled transformer can be used in a wide range of utility, commercial and industrial applications. A Liquid filled transformer from Niagara Transformer can support high voltages up to 115 kV and ratings up to 50 MVA (ONAN).

Technical Info
  • Up to 50 MVA base rating
  • Up to 138 kV
  • Up to 550 kV BIL
  • Single phase, 3 phase
  • 60 hertz or 50 hertz
  • 55ºC or 65ºC rise
  • Copper or aluminum
  • Circular layer, rectangular layer, circular disc
  • Harmonic allowances up to k-20
  • Sealed tank or conservator tank construction
  • With or without on load tap changers (LTC)
  • Up to 20% IZ
  • IEEE/ANSI or IEC Standards
  • Full range of country specific certifications
  • High ambient designs available
  • High elevation designs available
  • Classified area designs available through Class 1 Division 2 Group C/D
  • Seismic designs: Zones 1-4
  • UL, cUL, CSA certified
  • Type II Mineral Oil, EnviroTemp FR3, Midel and others
  • Full in house testing
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